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Baotou Jinmenghui Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd

  Baotou Jinmeng Magnetic Materials Co,Ltd.was established in 2008 and is located in Baotou Rare Earth High-Tech Industrial DevelopmentZone,the only nationaHevel high-tech zone named after rare earths in China,covering an area of 50 acres.As a professional high-tech enterprisespecializing in research and development,production,and sales of rare earth permanent magnet materials,the company mainly focuses onsintered NdFeB,bonded NdFeB,and rare earth metals.It has a complete production line including rare earth metal smelting,NdFeB materialproduction,infiltration processing.finished product processing,surface treatment,and rare earth waste recyding.

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Full Industrial Chain

Jinmeng Rare Earth Factory

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Beijing Sanjili New Material Co., Ltd

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Baotou Jinmeng Huici

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